The Concept

As a completely self taught artist I feel it gives me the advantage of not having to carry all the baggage that comes from the various colleges and artistic institutions. Therefore what comes out on the paper or canvas stems all from me. You can judge whether this has been a good thing or not.

As mentioned previously, I aim to produce atmosphere as well as actual detail in a painting,therefore I use the mediums that best assist me in this.


Watercolour is my real favourite for most landscape and seascape works.I find that it brings out much of the feeling of Scotland's scenery. This is especially true with regards to the large skies that accompany many of the mountains and seascapes. It is also perfect in capturing the approaching storms and morning mists which are so typical as they rise from the valleys and forests of our beautiful Highland and Lowland scenery.


This I use when painting a subject which needs the more accurate depiction of finer detail such as a steam train,buildings and birds and animals etc. I also sometimes paint a work which will include both watercolour and acrylic mediums.


If a client requests this medium it can be very successfully used in all varieties of subjects. (See the dog drawing on the Commissions page.) All the materials I use are of the best quality. Acid free watercolour paper of a good weight. Artist grade watercolour paints and a range of the best acrylics.

Being a Scottish painter, most of my work tends to be of my own country.This includes a lot of the west coast and the many beautiful islands.Recently I have been concentrating on the Cuillin mountain range of the Island of Skye. This island is truly magical with an ever changing vista of unbelievable peaks, pinnacles and ridges, really worth a visit.

In fact as we are blessed in Scotland with such an amazing diversity of beautiful regions, the opportunities to paint are virtually endless. The rolling hills of the border counties,the magnificent mountain ranges in Torridan and Northwest Sutherland. Near to Fort William we have our highest Mountain, Ben Nevis. In the east there are beautiful coastlines from Caithness in the North through Aberdeenshire, Angus and of course The Kingdom of Fife with its many interesting fishing Harbours. In all a veritable feast of subject matter, any of which I would only be to pleased to paint for you.

Subjects Covered

  • Land and seascapes
  • Steam trains
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Aircraft
  • Birds and animals (Your pet)
  • Portraits working from photographs
  • Town and village scenes etc.

Why not get in touch with me for a bit of a chat and all of course with no obligation whatsoever. As I have mentioned previously my aim is to give my customers the ultimate satisfaction in having on their wall an artwork that will give lasting pleasure.