This is the area I have been concentrating on over the most recent years. It opens up a vast range of possibilities regarding subject matter, so, let's have a look at them.

If you are an ex-pat Scot living elsewhere in the world, perhaps a painting of where you once lived or of an area where your forebears once settled.

I also specialise in Country Houses,castles and clients own properties. Another area which I cover is the painting of steam or diesel locomotives set in many of Scotland's beautiful locations. A painting of your favourite car or motor bike is another area that I cover. I also now will paint portraits working, from photographs.

A painting can be a lasting memory of a Scottish holiday or equally it would make a truly original gift for a wedding,a retirement or a birthday. If, say you consider having me paint something for you then the following will give you a better idea of what I can offer.

The subject will be of your choice and within which ever size and budget you prefer.

As for the information I would require in order to be able paint your commission,this can come from photographs,illustrations from books or magazines etc.

The pricing of any work depends on many factors e.g. size,complexity of subject or if I have to devote extra time to research for more information.

As a guide, the price range starts from 100 GBP TO 3500 GBP. My terms of business are a deposit of 50% at the placing of the commission with the balance due on the receipt of the finished work. If you did not like the painting, then on the return of it, your deposit would be refunded. However I would like to point out that only once in twentyfive years of painting, have I had to do this.

All the details of price etc.will be discussed with you before any work would be started. My aim is to provide you with a painting that will give you many years of lasting pleasure.

I can frame any work for you, but this is really only suitable if the painting is to be collected as the glass survival rate during transit is to say the least, not good.

I provide each painting with an authenticity certificate showing all details, the date and duly signed by me.

When you commission a work it gives you the choice of subject, season of the year,type of weather etc.

I welcome any correspondence by letter, telephone or email to discuss whatever requirements you may have. I also do try to give as prompt a service as possible, and if say you have an urgent delivery date, then I would try my best to meet it.

To sum up,I can paint town and building scenes,land and seascapes,steam trains,cars,planes,boats,birds and animals etc. If you have a particular request, then just let me know.

Recently I have had approaches from clients expressing an interest in Rosslyn Chapel. This is the chapel featured in the DA VINVI CODE novel and film. As a result I intend to produce paintings of the chapel and of it's suberb carvings.

You can see more commissions here.