Model Making

My experience in modelmaking began in Edinburgh whilst working with my uncle in his business Harburn Hobbies. Over a three year spell I was involved in all the aspects of the trade,railway layouts,aircraft and boat construction and the building of model cars etc.

Over the years I have made many models of buildings, relief maps of landscapes etc.

Recently I have been commissioned to make four models for a new heritage centre opening in Pitlochry. The First is a relief map of the Pitlochry area showing the present day set up of roads rivers hills and mountains etc. The photographs on the left show a section of the model at this basic stage in basic white plaster. Then the later stage with detail and colour applied.

Three dimensional relief maps

These maps can be made of any area. They can show mountains, rivers, towns and villages, country houses and whole estates. The process is a lengthy one and involves the building up of many layers to create the final product. All I need to produce one is a good map of the area and details of the features you want included. With this information I will be able to give you an estimate of the costs involved. As there aren't many people doing this kind of work there is a bit of a waiting list before I can start a new project.

Just get in touch by email or phone and I will be able to give you a better idea of what timescales are involved. Maps such as these can be used as displays or centerpieces in exhibitions or museums. They can be supplied to hang on walls or be diplayed as table top exhibits.

The example below is of an North Yorkshire estate.

Model of a North Yorkshire estate

Restoration of paintings and picture frames

This is an other area that I cover. Oil or acrylic paintings on canvas, board or paper can be cleaned to bring back their original brightness of colour and texture. Any such work is subject to a very carefull preliminary examination in order to ascertain whether the cleaning and restoration can be safely carried out. Once this is done an estimate of the costs involved would be produced.

Repairs to damaged paintings can be undertaken, such as a torn canvas, scratched surfaces on the painting etc.. These are also subject to an initial examination before any work is started.

Damaged picture frames can also be repaired, however it often is cheaper to reframe with a new frame rather than spend many hours working on an old one, unless the old frame has a significant value of it's own.

The replacement of a broken glass is a standard repair but it must be born in mind that it is not just the cost of the new glass, but all the work involved in stripping the old painting down, possible repairs to the artwork due to broken glass damage, general cleaning then reassembling.

Picture Framing

As a professional picture framer I can undertake to mount and frame any of the following.

  • Watercolours
  • Oils
  • Acrylics
  • Pastels
  • Photographs
  • Prints
  • Needlework, medals
  • certificates etc.

I frame for many of the major hotels, retail outlets and private clients in the area. Please contact me for a no obligation estimate.

Other restoration projects I have completed

The complete restoring of all paintwork and decoration on a gypsy caravan for a local estate.

A Louis Viutton steamer trunk

This was an early example of these valuable chests used by travellers of a bygone day. It required very careful work in order to retain the original detail and character.