Welcome to Scotlands Paintings

Thank you for taking the time to view my site. I hope that once you have had a look you will have a good idea of what I have to offer.

On the following pages you will see many examples of my work and what I am trying to aim for with my paintings of Scotland and other works.

The paintings shown are examples of the various moods and atmospheres of our Scottish landscape. Many of them are in fact sold, but as my main intention is to be able to paint for my clients a finished work that gives them what they really want, please look upon them as pointers to the many possibilities that my work can open up for you.

Of course if you wish to purchase any of the unsold paintings shown,then I would be only to pleased to send you the work of your choice.

An original painting can of course be something for you to enjoy,but equally it can make a truly original gift .This could solve that forthcoming wedding, birthday or anniversary problem and give the recipient a truly ' one of 'and thoughtful present.

I also am a professional picture framer with a fully equipped framing workshop offering a good range of mounts and mouldings to suit all requirements. In addition to this I also cover the cleaning and restoration of paintings and picture frames.

Why not have a look through my site, I hope it will give you an insight into Scotland's magnificent scenery, and perhaps give you some idea off say, an area where your ancestors came from, or stir a memory of a past visit or holiday to our lovely country. If this leads your thoughts to having an original painting as a lasting reminder, then I hope the following pages will prove helpful.

Alternatively , it may encourage you to make a visit sometime in the future and enjoy our Scottish hospitality.

A painting of the place your wedding was held

This is the section where you can have a painting done which will show you the place where your wedding or other occasion was, or is to be held.

It can be a fond reminder for you or would make a truly original present for any of the people involved.